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Training, consulting and coaching for incorporating Agile practices in your organization.



Learn how you can achieve amazing business outcomes with Agile. Not just process.
Either planning for a transition or simply looking to improve your agile adoption curve, our coaches will help you incorporate the right metrics and practices to

  • Achieve a more predictable delivery and higher confidence that you’re building the products and features users actually want.
  • Plan and track the work of multiple Agile teams tasked with delivering a single release, and focus on the highest-value work
  • Write compelling user stories that focus on business value. Enable conversations as the most important part of the story.
  • Accurately estimate, schedule, budget, scope, and understand meeting cadences for sprints, releases, and roadmaps.
  • Plan at daily, iteration, and release time horizons. Keep your team focused on delivering fully tested, working software.



If executed well, the use of agile methods has the capability to transform IT-business relationships as well as have a positive effect on IT value delivery. However, the value will be delivered only if the CIO and the entire IT management team are dedicated to the culture change that is necessary for success. Agile is not just one thing alone. There are different approaches for different problems.

We have a dedicated team of Agile coaches to help you make a gradual transition to agile, focusing on increasing value creation and continuous improvement in quality, delivery rate and incorporating adequate technical practices. It is all about helping your IT organization adapt to increased output rates while dealing with constant change.

Organizational transformation

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In our classes, you’ll cover a lot of ground in a matter of days. You’ll be challenged and taken to new heights and will get the chance to play an active role in your own learning process. In other words, you’ll make the most out of your money.
Our instructors will prepare you to be our colleague. Or even better, part of our team.

Agile in every day life


Agile is a way of living and getting your things done. We can also help you master the intriguing aspects of:

  • Test Driven Development (TDD).
  • Continuous Integration.
  • User experience.
  • Graphic facilitation and visual management techniques.

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