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    Sharepoint connects employees across the enterprise allowing them to engage, share ideas and reinvent the way they work together

Strategy – Process Management – Content Migration – Application development

All in a single vendor.

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Business applications on Microsoft’s SharePoint could become as popular as the iPhone apps within five years, Gartner predicts. Applications will range from simple add-ons, such as calendars, to project-management tools and CRM systems.

“There is a lot of interest in using SharePoint as IT infrastructure, like the plumbing of a building. You have a common set of services, such as search services, workflow services, document repository services and portal services,”

Mark Gilbert, research vice-president at Gartner.


Adaptable components

to shorten implementation time.

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ico-componentesWith a ton of developed components for intranets, we bridge gaps in business processes and go live faster, so you can harvest on your SharePoint investment.

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