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By moving services such as email, intranet, office and business applications to the cloud, you gain flexibility and lower your total cost of ownership, achieving the highest security and availability standards with zero capital investment.




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cloud services
Either for Web or Mobile, we develop and maintain software solutions fully integrated with Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services.
Servicios sobre la nube

Google Apps for Business

As Google Apps Partner for Business, we help you migrate your email and file sharing infrastructure, reducing its costs and complexity.

    • Strengthen the confidence of your customers with corporate email services.


    • Schedule events quickly checking availability of your colleagues.

    Google CalendarCalendar

    • 30GB storage per user , shared between Drive and Gmail.

    Google DriveDrive

    • It controls how long the emails and chats recorded are retained.

    Google VaultVault

    • Create sites is as easy as writing a document with an intuitive text editor.

    Google SitesSites

  • If you require any of these specific services or any other topic related to Google Apps Engine platform please contact us.

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