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We're Passionate About Providing Innovative and Unique Technology Solutions to the Nearshore Outsourcing Market

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We believe in the power of culture and value every individual that works on our team

Ceiba is proud to announce our most recent certifications as a “Great Place to Work” and “Great Culture to Innovate.”

A growth with teamwork, transparently with the client and our employees.




growth in first half, compared to the same period in 2021


  International    clients


National clients

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99% of our employees rate us as an EXCELLENT place to work

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As a company, we have made a commitment to continue working to improve both our culture and our innovation abilities to drive better outcomes for our clients and our employees

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Credibility, respect, equanimity, companionship, and pride were our highest scoring areas, resulting in a 98.6 rating on the work environment index

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Ceiba achieved a 90.5 on the Culture of Innovation Index

Ceiba Software's History

With more than 19 years of experience providing nearshore outsourcing services to the global market, we have learned valuable lessons and evolved into the top-tier company you see today. We strive to be the nearshore software development partner you need.

Ceiba Software
an ever-growing family!

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At CEIBA, we’re passionate about helping our clients transform their businesses and addressing complex challenges with innovative and unique technology solutions.


We aim to be the software development services company that clients and top talent want to work with.


Continuous Learning, Transparency, People, Innovation

Innovation – We create value with ideas and solutions.

People – We value our people and their families.

Continuous Learning – We are always open to ideas and prioritize learning

Transparency – We believe in honesty and full transparency with our customers, people, and partners.

Ceiba’s Management Team

We have an excellent group of leaders that are eager to help you find the perfect digital solution.At Ceiba we have an excellent group of leaders and managers who are eager to provide you with the perfect digital solution for your company.

William Restrepo


Stibenzon Cañas

General Manager

Lorena Ríos

HR Manager

Guillermo Trujillo Salazar – César Torres

Sales and Marketing Managers

Herlency Muñoz

Head of CeibaLab

Elizabeth Berrio – Andrés Cano


David Espinal

Production Manager