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Mission, vision and






At CEIBA, we´re passionate about helping our customers transform their business with innovative and unique technology solutions.


We aim to be the partner of choice for customers and the best employer for the best talent in the market.


  • create value with ideas and solutions.
  • We value our people and their families.
  • We learn from everything we do.
  • we collaborate transparently with customers.
  • Our priority is to make our customers better and more competitive.







We consider that, for technology-related issues, the most important is to have a good ally to support the construction of innovation that, as a company we develop for our customers, seeking to offer better services and quality products. In this sense, CEIBA has played a very important role as a provider, based on their human talent of great values and a lot of knowledge.

Gabriel Alzate Tobón
Director of Interactive Management
Vice President of Social Security
In Ceiba Software House we have found a practical methodology for the developments in our applications. The expertise of its staff has been the key for success and gives us the confidence to continue working with his team.

Harold Stuart
Director of Technology
Part of the evolution and growth of organizations today is founded on leveraging business processes with technology solutions, four years ago CI Uniban SA found in Ceiba an ally that has contributed to this end, its staff has been committed to the corporate guidelines characterized by responsibility and objectives compliance.

Luis Fernando Caicedo
Business Process Coordinator
C.I. Uniban S.A.

The services offered by Konfirma S.A.S. have a solutions-based IT component, and in Ceiba Software, we have found a strategic partner with a transparent, responsible and diligent team, which are key components to continue to achieve the projected results.

César Alzate
Technology Manager, Operations and Processes
To to have a quality provider with the quality and experience that Ceiba has, have allowed us to develop the first mobile loans application 100% online, from application to disbursement and payment. Its agile methodology has also enabled us to bring to market solutions in the shortest time and with maximum functionality, creating value for our customers and for our shareholders. With Ceiba, seeks to position itself as the 1st portal for fast loans in Colombia and the region. COMPAÑÍA DE CRÉDITOS RÁPIDOS SAS’s corporate purpose is the development of products and services that promote financial inclusion and access to credit for individuals, micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs). RapiCredit is a platform for online loans and short-term free destination, our customers decide how much they need and the payment period. The main features of the service are its flexibility, speed and lack of physical procedures. They are customized loans as they are designed to suit customer needs and 100% on the Internet.

Juan E Saldarriaga L.
Product development Leader

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  • Sector ITO / BPO
  • Sector Manofactura / Confección
  • Sector Salud
  • Servicios BPO
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  • Sector Servicios Públicos
  • EPS Seguridad Social
  • Sector servicios
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  • Sector ventas
  • Sector Ambiental
  • Sector alimenticio
  • Multinegocios
  • Sector Pensiones y Cesantías
  • Modelos estratégicos de ciudad.
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  • Sector Financiero
  • Sector Financiero
  • Sector Financiero
  • Seguros y Seguridad Social
  • Sector textil
  • Sector Comercialización Internacional
  • Sector Educativo



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