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Ágiles Colombia 2024: A Gathering of Innovation and Knowledge

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Personas en auditorio de evento ágiles en bogotá

Present at the tenth Innovation Land Summit in Medellín

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Innovation Land Summit ANDI More Country Ceiba CEO at Fuckup Nights

Ceiba Took Part of The 6th XM Forum in Cartagena

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2024: A Year of Transformative Change

Step into the future, where tech trends and your company’s processes converge in an era of evolution.

    Collaborators of the #CeibasCommunity lived a great experience in Ágiles LATAM!

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    Ceiba and Datalytics join forces for Artificial Intelligence

    Want to know what happened at the AI event?

    Relive our two talks in English where we explore topics in the world of technology and psychology!

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    Innovation Land Summit 2023

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    Innovation summit

    Top 3 best places to work in Colombia.

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    Ceiba Great Place to Work 2022

    Technological trends as business opportunities

    Identify trends in technology that respond to your business needs and context to drive its growth.

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    Hacks for your business growth. Take advantage of 2022 technology trends

      We are part of the book Colombia Origen de Software.

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      Libro: Colombia origen del software

      People First Recognition

      We are known as a company that does an outstanding job regarding our human talent.

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      Stibenzon Cañas, Manager of Ceiba Software, was elected as Chairman of the Board of Intersoftware.

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      We are #1 in the ranking “Top Colombia Custom Software Developers”.

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      Design and Development

      Developing websites with a design that combines strategy, usability and esthetic allows us to create digital experiences that exceed expectations and optimize business efficiency.

      We have been certified as a

      Great Place To Work

      We have been certified as a Great Place To Work

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      We are certified as a

      “Great Culture to Innovate” company and we are ranked #5 in “The most innovative cultures in Colombia, 2022”.

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      Ceiba Software, a company that transforms businesses in the midst of the crisis

      The company bet on technological transformation and today is a protagonist of the 4R Industrial.

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