Transform your company with miia: Artificial intelligence for your business.

Ceiba is an ally in the digital era. We offer our expertise in AI applications with the miia suite to maximize business productivity and ensure efficiency, error reduction, and security in operations.

The miia suite is currently only available in Spanish.

Suite de miia hecha con inteligencia artificial

miia Suite Products

With miia, you will have access to a complete set of tools that will allow you to manage your business efficiently and effectively. From customer management and process automation to project management and reporting, miia provides you with everything you need to optimize your operations and achieve your goals.

The miia suite is currently only available in Spanish.

Legal Document Review Assistant

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Intelligent Analysis in Job Vacancy Selection Processes

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Enterprise ChatBot

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AI assistant for employees

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IDE plugins with AI

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AI-Powered Peer Code Reviewer

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Chat with your databases from any role

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User story writing assistant

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Why you should implement AI in your organization?

Maximize efficiency:

Reduce time on repetitive tasks – boost productivity now!

Secure communications:

Build your enterprise ChatGPT. Protect your data!

Minimize human error:

Ensure accuracy in critical processes with automation and intelligent analysis. Ensure superior quality!

Save with intelligence:

Reduce costs with our AI strategy – save up to 96%!

Standardize processes:

Ensure consistent quality with our systems-uniformity guaranteed!

Customize your AI:

We guide you in the adoption of AI. Tailored solutions for you!

Instant access to data:

Get critical information instantly with ChatBots – decide better and faster!

AI Training

Maximize productivity with our AI training – always on the cutting edge!

Superior development quality:

Elevate software quality with our tools. Innovation in every line of code!

Cutting-edge solutions

We offer advanced solutions that follow industry standards, regulations, and practices. Quality and efficiency in your projects!