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Chat with your databases from any role

Understanding the challenge companies face when managing vast amounts of data distributed across multiple databases and systems, we developed an innovative solution that integrates into applications, allowing interaction with data through natural language.

The miia suite is currently only available in Spanish.

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How does it work?

Intuitive interaction:I ask questions in natural language, and our technology performs the necessary operations to deliver the specific data you need.

Main uses:

  • Natural language searches directly on your data
  • Dynamic report generation.
  • Advanced data analytics at your fingertips.

Key benefits:

  • Efficiency: reduces report construction time by 80%, facilitating immediate access to information.
  • Informed decisions: improved time to market for decision-making, thanks to the instant availability of relevant data.

Simplify access to your data and make informed decisions instantly with our advanced AI technology—no more hassle with tedious reports or queries.

Transform how you interact with your data with our innovative solution and take control of your information!