Our passion is to change the world through the power of technology and innovative creativity.

We are a Great Place to work® certified

Work remotely on the most impactful projects at a national and international scale, while learning new skills from teams who are enthusiastic about transforming the world through technology and innovation; all this with a work-life balance.

People First Recognition

We are known as a company that does an outstanding job regarding our human talent.

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We are constantly looking for new talents to work remotely, to achieve amazing things together.

We are looking for people who are enthusiastic about continuous learning, who want to create innovative ideas and solutions and work remotely, maintaining constant transparency with our clients, while enjoying incredible benefits, such as work-life balance.

Our perks

Work from anywhere in the world

Travel and see the world while working remotely  from anywhere in the planet.

Private health insurance

As a collaborator we offer a health insurance policy company wide, so your healthcare is covered when you need it most.

Flexible hours

We want you to have a work-life balance. We have flexible hours to fit into your day-to-day schedule.

Ceiba Coins

Get Ceiba Coins for referrals, anniversaries, among others, that you can use with our commercial partners, in exchange for their services and products.

Certifications and on-going training

We value on-going learning and professional growth; hence we provide training opportunities to obtain certifications and/or new skills.

Vacations whenever and however you want them

We give you the option to request vacations, in days or cash as soon as you need them. You don’t have to wait for a year to request them.

Projects with international impact

At Ceiba you will be able to participate in international projects and learn how companies work around the world.

Exclusive discounts with commercial partners

We have several commercial partners for you, with whom you can enjoy exclusive discounts and ease of payment.

Special Events

We celebrate holidays with our collaborators by doing social virtual gatherings, shows, and many more. Also… We will not forget your birthday!

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