Enterprise ChatBot

Our Enterprise ChatBot, built on various internal information sources, is designed to optimize knowledge management and improve operational efficiency.

The miia suite is currently only available in Spanish.

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How does it work?

Quick queries: from various sources of information, the chatbot will answer the information that your employees need:

  • Internal Benefits
  • Company Policies
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Project History
  • Lessons Learned

Main uses:

  • Frequently asked questions solution: quickly responds to standard requests from employees.
  • Process standardization: ensures uniformity in the execution of tasks and procedures.
  • Employees’ training: facilitates training and linking different projects and technologies.

Key benefits:

  • Service efficiency: reduces response times to chat or email requests by up to 70%.
  • Training optimization: reduces the training and splicing time of the team’s most experienced members by up to 50%.

Our Enterprise ChatBot improves efficiency, process standardization and optimizes knowledge management and staff training.

Transform your company’s operation with our innovative AI solution and ensure more efficient and collaborative processes!