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Legal Document Review Assistant

Through a strategic partnership with a renowned law firm, we have crafted an innovative solution—an intelligent assistant for reviewing legal documents. This tool is meticulously designed to streamline the validation process of agreements and contracts, ensuring strict adherence to each client’s internal policies.

The miia suite is currently only available in Spanish.

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How does it work?

  1. Customization according to internal policies: each customer configures the assistant according to their internal policies.
  2. Intelligent analysis: the assistant interprets and detects clauses that could violate internal policies or suggest necessary additions.

Main uses:

    • Detailed analysis: exhaustive review of legal documents to ensure compliance.
    • Document management: efficient management of versions and documents.
    • Understanding legal context: use of advanced natural language processing and machine learning techniques.

Key benefits:

  • Human error mitigation: significantly reduces the chances of omissions or errors in the review.
  • Standardization of reviews: ensures a uniform document review, regardless of the reviewer.
  • Efficiency: reduces document review time by 50%, optimizing and streamlining the flow of processes and resources.

Our AI assistant offers an innovative solution for legal document review and sets a new standard in efficiency and accuracy in the legal sector.


Transform your document management with our AI solution and lead in the digital age!