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How we made it to the top 3 best places to work in Colombia

On December 14, 2022, the Great Place to Work® organization announced its list of best places to work in Colombia, where we achieved the second position in the category of companies with 301 to 1,500 employees.

News that fills us with pride, and we receive as the result of more than 17 years of striving to offer our employees a comfortable and safe work environment that responds to their integral needs.

Since we planted the seed from which Ceiba would successfully germinate as a company, we have had exceptional talents, whom we admire both in their work and personal performance. This makes us feel responsible for creating a work culture that encourages their abilities, allows them to achieve their goals, and enjoy their work.

In the process of creating the culture we dreamed of, we realized several things that we wanted to consider.


  1. The first one was the relationship with the company. We know that it begins long before the talent signs a contract, which is why we have transparent and humane selection processes in which we take care of every detail of the candidate’s experience.
  2. Another crucial point in the formula for Ceiba’s work culture is the relationship between the employee and his or her environment. The tight relationship between work and personal life is part of human nature. We are truly clear that we wanted to be a human-company, so through the experience, we understood that we can only enjoy our work if we have the certainty that everything will be fine at home. That is the reason why Ceiba does not hire individuals, we hire families and ensure the welfare of each of its members, which is why the decisions we make as a company take into account the family atmosphere of each employee.
  3. The follow-up point in the development of our work culture has been inclusion. Everyone, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, preference, or condition, deserves the opportunity to share their talents, enhance their strengths, and count on the support needed to boost their capabilities. Therefore, Ceiba’s doors are always open to everyone.

Adding many more values, we managed to build a work culture that has only been possible thanks to the fact that each member of the team. This recognition encourages us to continue taking care of the integral well-being of our team members, with the ultimate goal of letting them know that for us, they are the most important matter.