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Our first half year results0012022
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We have grown to provide a far superior service

We are transforming businesses, our country, and cities, through innovative ideas and solutions with technological impact.



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investment in

Our impact
on the world:







9796 consulting hours in 2021

10 teams supported

We exceeded 2021 sales by 54%

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More value, less time, more confidence

At Ceiba we increase the potential of your development team through consulting services, implementing best practices, and improving your DevOps strategy.

Through training and coaching, we define your maturity model and infrastructure implementation. At the same time, we maintain the operation, support, and monitoring of operations 24/7. Achieving a higher reaction capacity and a significant reduction of error margins.

Likewise, through our Cloud services, we ensure the optimization and security of your resources.

Get with us the adoption of quality practices, as we have done in the banking, retail, aeronautics, and energy sectors.


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Global Presence

We are making increasing progress in the international arena. We have 12 clients worldwide, working primarily in the health, insurance, and banking sectors. Our international sales accounted for 18% of annual sales.

Aware of the importance of continuous improvement in globalization processes, in 2021 we decided to take a big step forward, which represents benefits for our company model, but, especially, for our clients’ businesses. Now, we are a company established and legally constituted in the United States.

With headquarters in the state of Florida, Ceiba will now have direct access to one of the largest consumer markets in the world, thus generating more trust, closeness, and transparency with our current customers in North America.

Undoubtedly, this step fills us with motivation to continue growing and transforming our customers’ business.

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Costa Rica

Ceiba USA

Address: 1525 N PARK DR –
SUITE 104 WESTON, FL, US 33326


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Ceiba Coworking

2020 meant for all of us a terrific opportunity to rethink our lives, jobs and of course our spaces. At Ceiba, after adopting the remote work model, we rethought our offices as a coworking space, because if there is one thing, we are sure of, it is that we do not want to lose the space where meeting is once again possible.

Currently, our 3 offices located in the Puerto Seco business center, are ready and enabled to be used by all our collaborators, which have a capacity for 84 people in total.

They also have modular workspaces, meeting rooms and multipurpose spaces, which comply with all current biosafety standards.

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For the second time we received the CMMI 5 appraisal

On September 2, 2021, Ceiba obtained the appraisal at maturity level 5, in the integration of the Capability Maturity Model, CMMI; a capability improvement framework that provides organizations with the essential elements for the realization of effective processes that enable improved performance.

This rating indicates that the organization is operating at an optimized level, which means that we are committed to continuous improvement, quantitative understanding of business objectives and performance needs.

At Ceiba, we continuously work on improving processes to offer qualified services that bring value to our customers.


Technology passes,
relationships remains