EPS SURAWe implemented, and provided support and maintenance to the new digital medical history platform. Providing support and maintenance in the patient access and care systems, interoperability with external providers and building the medical decision support system (CDSS).
Logo SURA Asset Management
We assisted in the construction of different core and support systems, as well as the assembly of DevOps practices at different stages of the development cycle. Exploration, testing and construction of robots (RPA).
Logotipo SURA
We developed and implemented solutions involving disruptive technologies of the fourth industrial revolution, supporting innovation and new business paradigms faced by utilities companies.
Logo ayudas diagnósticas
We supported and maintained applications of the laboratory and diagnostic aids ecosystem, including integrations with LIS, RIS, PACS platforms and interoperability with patient care systems.
We implemented the platforms oriented to occupational risk management and Hazard Identification, Evaluation and Risk Assessment (IPEVR). We also built the active breaks’ software.
Logotipo EMI
We designed the architecture, construction and support of the medical history software for home physicians, as well as the support and administration of the cloud infrastructure.
We analyzed, designed, and built the long and short term energy planning system in Colombia. Allowing Símplex to select the most optimal energy scenario for Colombians to pay for energy at the lowest possible price.
We developed and implemented solutions involving disruptive technologies of the fourth industrial revolution, supporting innovation and new business paradigms faced by utilities companies.
ScotiabankWe support with highly qualified Devs profiles, for the different sales channels of the bank, supporting business lines such as: Personal & Business Banking, Insurance, Virtual Banking, Scotiabank colpatria App.
We collaborated in the cloud migration of its product ecosystem. We developed and implemented applications oriented to the innovation and growth of the company.
We designed and built the mobile application for financial services and advice for Mexico and Colombia.
Fondo presente
We built the ‘Concilia y Paga’ Platform, which aims to reconcile the transactions of its associates through the different means of payment available to the organization.
The cocktailUnder Outsourcing, we support different TCK end customers in Latam, in the sectors of banking, food, financial and compensation funds.
We designed, developed, and updated a secure and agile system for the settlement of payments, facilitating payroll and social security processes in Colombia.

We developed the reconciliation system, generating a point of control and auditing of the data reported by the partners, allowing us to mitigate the risk of accumulation or redemption of points incorrectly.
We assisted in agile frameworks to facilitate the company’s technological transformation process and the adoption of Cloud technology; impacting on Renting Colombia’s core processes through hybrid integrations, generation of governance guidelines for business-focused APIs.
We built the platform that allows managing the product inventory in the plant and other additional inventories of the organization, seeking to optimize the processes of reception, internal operations and plant deliveries, reducing the cycle of operations and improving integrations with other business areas.
We built the calculation system of quotation and invoicing of freight transport at national level.
Grupo nutresa
We collaborated in the construction of the e-commerce on Hybris SAP.
We analyzed, designed and built the supplier risk analysis system for large companies in Colombia.

We designed and built prototype backflow sensors for drain valves in Canadian homes.
We implemented the technological renovation of customer-facing platforms in credit management and enabled Azure cloud infrastructure.
We provided support and maintenance, and built new functionalities on the Oracle EBS platform and Oracle service Bus.

For the digital factory of Grupo Aval we supported with outsourcing profiles in the different projects of the business group, fully complying with the required profiles where we are supporting internal and external processes of them.
We built a mobile application that enables the digitization of e-commerce for SMEs, offering them not only a sales channel, but also a logistics service for the delivery of goods.
We offered consultation in Cloud architecture on the Monolegal platform; thus we were able to identify, plan and execute the required actions on the AWS infrastructure, on which the Monolegal platform runs.
We worked on the development of the multi-brand logistics management system for merchandise and stores for the Inditex group, a global retail sector.

Under Outsourcing, we offered our highly qualified agile teams, to cover 11 business lines of the company, which included the external sales lines and projects that improve the internal work models.
Kendal floral
We designed and built, based on an in-depth analysis, the system for managing flower inventories in large U.S. supermarkets.
universidad de antioquia
We were part of the technological and functional modernization of the SIIU announcements module, with a platform that allows the management of all stages of university research projects.