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Stibenzon Cañas

Ten years married to Erica and the father of Merlin. Passionate about my work, my family, and #FamiliaCeiba..

I am a Computer Engineer from the Jaime Isaza Cadavid Colombian Polytechnic, with a specialization in Software Development from Eafit and an MBA with a Specialty in Project Management from the University of Viña del Mar.

Lover of photography, walking, eating, cooking, drinking a good Colombian coffee, learning new things, and collecting new meaningful experiences. I have over 20 years of experience in the software world, 15 years in Ceiba Software, and 5 years of experience as the General Manager of the #FamiliaCeiba.

I believe Passion is the driving force of life and I try to be passionate about everything I do. There is nothing worse than doing things without passion: if you are not passionate about the things you do in life, that means you are not happy with your life. My added value as General Manager is to awaken passion in people, to awaken the passion for Ceiba Software, and for the profession.



Stibenzon Cañas Gerente Ceiba Software

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