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Agile QA outsourcing can provide numerous benefits, such as reducing development time and lowering costs. However, the world of Agile QA outsourcing can be challenging. To help you make informed decisions, we have compiled ten insights: 

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  1. Seek out agile QA expertise
    When outsourcing software development and testing, prioritize providers that follow an agile QA approach, emphasizing proactive and defect-prevention-focused practices to improve software quality and system performance. Working with agile QA experts will ensure that your projects are aligned with your business goals and technology needs.
  2. Engage QA teams earlyEnsure that the outsourcing partner involves quality analysts from the beginning of the development process to maximize their understanding of your organization’s operations, users, and goals. Early involvement will enable the QA team to provide valuable feedback on the design, requirements, and functionality of the whole system.
  3. Employ frequent and consistent testingRequest that the outsourcing team conducts regular testing throughout the development lifecycle to identify and address issues as early as possible. Frequent and consistent testing will help to minimize the risk of defects and ensure that the product meets your expectations.You may also be interested in: The benefits of outsourcing: What industries outsource the most?
  4. Apply automation
    Choose outsourcing partners that leverage automation for routine tasks, test cases, and data setup to increase efficiency, consistency, and reliability. Automation will also reduce human error and ensure that the testing process is repeatable and scalable.
  5. Prioritize performance improvementsWork with your outsourcing partner to focus on measurable performance enhancements and ask for metrics that showcase these improvements. Prioritizing performance improvements will help to ensure that the system delivers business value and meets user expectations.
  6. Aim for continuous added valueCollaborate with the outsourcing team to identify and implement value-adding system improvements, such as streamlined user experience, workflow optimization, and elimination of repetitive tasks. Continuous value will help to ensure that the product or platform remains relevant and useful in the long term.
  7. Encourage teamwork and shared responsibility
    Cultivate a collaborative environment with your outsourcing partner, emphasizing that the entire team shares responsibility for delivering high-quality applications and successful projects. Fostering teamwork and shared responsibility will help to ensure that everyone is aligned with the project goals and committed to achieving success.
  8. Request comprehensive testing
    Ensure the outsourcing team performs various tests, including functional, Cross Functional Requirement (CFR) tests, and contract tests, to guarantee the system functions as expected and integrates well with other subsystems. Comprehensive testing will help to ensure that the  product is reliable, secure, and meets all functional and non-functional requirements.
  9. Focus on user experience and adoptionEncourage your outsourcing partner to prioritize user adoption by concentrating on the most-used features, addressing pain points, and comparing the performance and functionality of legacy and modernized platforms. Focusing on user experience and adoption will help to ensure that the end product is user-friendly, intuitive, and meets the needs of end-users.You may also be interested in: Why UX and UI design are the beating heart of software development
  10. Insist on a suitable automation frameworkWork with your outsourcing partner to select an automation framework that supports both legacy and modern systems, ensuring seamless transitions during the deployment process and avoiding unstable end-to-end tests. Insisting on a suitable automation framework will help to ensure that the testing process is efficient, effective, and reliable.

Agile QA outsourcing can be a powerful tool for businesses looking to modernize their systems and remain competitive in today’s fast-paced marketplace. By following these ten crucial insights, you can navigate the world of Agile QA outsourcing with confidence and ensure that your products, platforms, and projects deliver value, meet user expectations, and drive business growth.

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