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The top 10 technology trends for Fall 2022 includes new uses for AI, VR and the metaverse, revolutions in speed and efficiency with quantum computing, edge computing, robot process automation and 5G, and most essential, cleantech.


AI and VR chief among Fall 2022’s top 10 technology trends


Trends in technology move at the swiftest of paces and never more so than in 2022 with trending technologies leading the digital transformation.

Here we consider the top 10 trends in technology for Fall 2022, including expanded uses for Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR) and the metaverse, increases in speed and efficiency with edge computing, quantum computing, robot process automation and 5G, and of course, cleantech.

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The top 10 technology trends will boost speed, efficiency and versatility


1. Generative AI

Generative AI refers to models that learn from training data in order to create a similar but completely new product in a given field. The technology has already produced impressive music, poems, graphics, images, and text. The emergence of ‘deep fake’ videos may have given it a bad name, but as long as digital ethics and responsibility are respected, generative AI has potential this year in fields such as manufacturing, healthcare, defense, aerospace, and entertainment.

2. AI-powered cybersecurity

Security is once again the word on everyone’s lips in 2022, thanks to the avalanche of cyberattacks, ransomware, and phishing scams that cost individuals, companies and even countries millions of dollars in losses. AI-powered cybersecurity can monitor and defend networks from attacks in real-time, meaning it can challenge and protect against hackers immediately rather than cleaning up the aftermath.

3. Quantum computing

Quantum computers are the next generation, based on the principles of quantum mechanics. They will dramatically increase power and efficiency – processing information more quickly without the need for a massive computational capacity and oodles of RAM. Companies such as IBM, Google and Honeywell are racing to create quantum processors with the most quantum bits, known as ‘qubits’ (basic units of quantum information, equivalent to the binary digit, or bit, in classical computing) hence why quantum is one of the top 10 technology trends.

4. Metaverse

The term ‘metaverse’ was around long before Facebook brought it to the fore, but its possibilities are gathering pace. The idea is that people will come together in the metaverse as avatars to work, socialize and shop, among other things (the digital transformation has already led some businesses to meet as avatars in immersive VR spaces). Forward-thinking businesses should certainly think about developing their own branded metaverse spaces, and carefully monitor the ‘real-world metaverse’ where the digital and physical will fuse.

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5. Cleantech

Environmental awareness is essential this quarter, and beyond, and cleantech (clean technologies) reduces the impact of products and services whilst optimizing the use of any natural resources. Think renewable energy, energy-efficient buildings, electric vehicles, solar panels, waste management and sustainable water consumption, as well as crypto coins that consume less energy than Bitcoin.

6. Hot Skills

The race for tech talent is top of many businesses’ agenda and almost every company is on the hunt for software specialists who possess those all-important ‘hot skills’ – such as the ability to design, develop, test and maintain customized apps – for which demand is currently outstripping supply. The trend now is for outsourcing, nearshoring and staff augmentation, all of which neatly side-step the problem.

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7. 5G

The buzz around 5G hit fever pitch in 2022. The technology is expected to revolutionize our lives, offering us 10 times the speed of 4G for uploads, downloads, data transfers and streams, with radio waves that can transmit to as many as a million devices per square kilometer. 5G networks are expected to cover 40% of the globe by 2024, with companies like Apple, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Nokia Corp busy building 5G apps.

8. VR and AR expansion

Once the sole preserve of gaming, VR and Augmented Reality (AR) are spreading their wings to training, education, entertainment, and marketing. Standout examples include VirtualShip (used to train US Navy, Army, and Coastguard staff) as well as simulations that train surgeons, and support post-injury rehab. The global VR and AR market is expected to hit $209.2bn this year, with both key to the top 10 technology trends.

9. Edge computing

Cloud computing is mainstream now, but businesses, especially those managing large quantities of data, are beginning to realize its shortcomings. Edge computing addresses some of them, including delays in getting data to centralized data centers for processing. Edge computing is effectively decentralized, mini data centers “on the edge” of where they’re actually needed, able to process time-sensitive data in distant locations.

10. Robot process automation

Process automation has been around for a while, with software systems automating repetitive tasks according to code. RPA is taking this up a notch in 2022, with bots recording the actions humans perform and copying them, so they can take them over completely. Bots can now categorize and interpret information, and make independent decisions, for instance: processing transactions and replying to emails, among other things.

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Smart businesses must stay ahead of the top 10 technology trends


A quick glance at the top 10 technology trends for Fall 2022 proves we’re in an exciting place, with every trend bringing changes, challenges, and benefits for business.

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