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Nearshore software development transforms companies. Ceiba helps businesses hire tech talent nearby, and enjoy competitive pricing, streamlined communication and effective agile methodologies in the creation of their dream app or digital product.

Nearshore software development Colombia

Nearshore software development is a much-needed solution

Global upheaval in the past few years has revolutionized the IT industry, which is at the forefront of the world’s accelerated switch to digital.

Smartphones and their associated apps, as well as other digital products, are now the mainstay of successful companies’ marketing, sales and communication strategies, among other things.

As a result of the digital transformation companies are transforming their processes by nearshoring their tech needs, to software development specialists like Ceiba.

The nearshore software development model is the latest evolution of the outsourcing model, offering businesses the chance to work with international tech talent that is much closer to home.

Here we consider the ways nearshore software development is transforming companies.


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How does nearshoring lead to company transformation?

1. Avoid internal hiring

Traditional recruitment presents many challenges, from finding and attracting top talent to training, incentivizing and retaining the most valued members of staff.

IT and specialized software development personnel are in huge demand, particularly in countries such as the United States, which has an estimated one million vacancies for skilled computer staff.

This situation was exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic, which saw a sudden increase in organizations needing digital access to a wide range of products and services.

Nearshoring to software development companies like Ceiba means companies can bypass the headaches of internal hiring and work directly with English-speaking remote teams.


2. The ‘secret sauce’ of agile development

Avoiding the pitfalls of traditional recruitment is one benefit, but nearshore software development also brings innovative philosophies and processes into the mix.

Commissioning Ceiba to design, develop, test and maintain a customized app or digital product means working with lean, flexible teams that utilize agile frameworks.

Our teams deliver results in digestible increments (rather than working on a ‘big reveal’) which puts our clients’ needs at the forefront – allowing us to evaluate our projects’ goals, aims, and results as we work, and make changes immediately.

With agile transformation companies’ experiences with purchasing a digital product dramatically improve. Ceiba’s teams are fast, easy, and satisfying to work with, and our products meet and exceed expectations.

3. Streamlined communication

Excellent communication is essential when developing a bespoke digital product for a business or organization.

Nearshore software development has revitalized traditional outsourcing, because it allows businesses to work with remote teams and augmented staff on their doorstep, rather than attempting to work with staff on the other side of the world. 

This improves oversight and ensures a greater, or complete, overlap of the working day, making meetings and chats easier to organize and more effective. Ceiba’s staff are not only fully bilingual, they are accustomed to clients’ working cultures and practices.

Every Ceiba team has both a project manager and a customer success manager, devoted to ensuring a positive experience and outcomes for companies.

4. Boost to the bottom line

Nearshore software development offers a multitude of practical benefits for businesses – including significant savings on time, money, and stress.

Ceiba is in a position to offer competitive prices, with many businesses seeing cost savings as a chief reason to nearshore with us.

Our remote teams and opportunities for staff augmentation offer businesses the chance to work with software engineers, tech leads, project managers, DevOps engineers and user experience/interface (UX/UI) designers – all at competitive prices.

Ceiba’s front end, back end and full stack developers, for example, are fluent in multiple programming languages (such as Xamarin, .NET C#, Java, JavaScript, Android/Kotlin, iOS/swift, React, React Native, Angular, Vue, SpringBoot, Node.js, AWS, Azure, and GCP) and utilize the very latest coding practices and automated testing.


5. Market-leading solutions

The diversity of Ceiba’s highly-qualified and experienced IT talent allows businesses to secure the bespoke apps and other digital products they need to excel.

Ceiba’s dedication to ‘disruptive nearshoring’ – whereby our teams respond with innovative and flexible technological solutions – is transforming companies.

Our software architects support and guide our engineers, and our project and customer success managers keep our clients’ goals at the forefront.

Talented DevOps engineers coordinate development (Dev) and operations (Ops) with a focus on continuous testing and delivery, while our UX/UI developers secure the best possible experience for future users of our products.


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Nearshoring is the solution to both the global shortage of tech talent and the inconvenience of outsourcing to IT teams on the other side of the world.

Ceiba helps businesses avoid internal hiring and enjoy the benefits of agile development – saving time, money, and stress to obtain a market-leading digital solution.

Our teams’ commitment, focus, and attention to detail is unparalleled.

Find out how Ceiba can help transform your company today.


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