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Businesses are facing a global tech talent crunch at a crucial time for digital access to products and services. Staff augmentation and outsourcing are key to obtaining customized apps and other essential digital products at competitive prices.

Ceiba's Tech talentThe digital shift is driving the need for tech talent

Never before has it been so important for businesses to secure for their clients and customers a digital entry point into their products and services.

Even though the digital transformation had been quietly gathering pace in some sectors, the global pandemic forced even the most ‘tech-averse’ to work, speak, shop and undertake important appointments online.

Although this rupture in daily life occurred as an urgent response in a time of need, many users found they prefer their new and expanded online access, attracted by savings in cost, time and personal effort.

The ripple effect is that there are not enough software engineers, and other tech talent, to provide the customized apps and other digital products that companies need. 

Here, we offer five tech talent recruitment tips that will keep your business ahead:

How to succeed at tech talent recruitment

1. Utilize IT staff augmentation

Staff augmentation is a process by which businesses ‘plug the gap’ in their staffing levels by employing outside personnel on a temporary basis.

Ceiba has seen a dramatic increase in the number of companies requesting our staff augmentation and tech talent solutions, particularly among overseas businesses. 

Software developers, tech leads, project managers, UX/UI designers, and DevOps engineers are among the most requested roles, with our fully-bilingual staff ready to slot into any team.

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2. Outsource your entire tech team

Although Ceiba’s software specialists, as well as our experienced project managers, are ready to fill the gaps in companies’ in-house tech teams – some companies prefer to outsource their entire digital project to us.

That includes the design, development, testing and ongoing maintenance of customized apps and other essential digital products.

Outsourcing in the IT industry saves time, money, and stress. It allows businesses to access emerging talent at competitive prices, and take advantage of disruptive innovation without the headache of internal hiring and management.


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3. Work with specialists at tech talent solutions

We are fiercely committed to training and development and prioritize the human value of every person who works at Ceiba. 

Our job benefits and appreciation for the skills, hard work and consistently outstanding performances produced by our world-class talent is one reason why we were doubly ​​certified as a great place to work, following an employee survey.

Ceiba’s frontend, backend, and full stack developers, code in more than 15 programming languages, and excel at current coding practices, automated testing, continuous integration and delivery, and agile frameworks. 

Our tech leads identify and define architectural drivers and solutions, using their experience to support and guide our teams, while our project managers and customer success managers keep companies’ objectives at the forefront.

DevOps engineers co-ordinate software development and IT operations and our user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) designers, who work with our teams when outsourced in their entirety, guarantee our products are engaging and easy to use.

4. Pay competitive prices for IT talent fast hiring

The IT skills shortage has peaked in some countries with the United States, for example, forecast to miss out on an estimated US $162.25 billion by 2030, thanks to the tech talent shortage, according to a Korn Ferry Institute report.

The country has an estimated one million vacancies for skilled computer specialists.

Businesses are therefore seeking easy hiring solutions in countries like Colombia, with Ceiba’s software specialists and architects, project managers and DevOps engineers ready to design and produce digital solutions at reasonable prices. 

5. Make sure to hire an agile team

The benefits of Ceiba’s outsourcing and staff augmentation services go beyond filling gaps in staffing levels and working with highly-trained, competitively-priced specialists.

We excel at innovative and disruptive solutions, employing an agile philosophy that prioritizes our customers needs and keeps our clients abreast of all developments.

Ceiba’s agile teams are not interested in the overly dramatic ‘big reveal’ – focusing instead on delivering results in digestible chunks.

This allows us to evaluate our projects’ goals, aims, and results as we work and, of course, respond to challenges and changes as soon as they arise.


Outsourcing and staff augmentation are the secrets to success

Businesses in today’s world are facing technological challenges on two fronts – the need to stay ahead of the competition and provide digital gateways to products and services, and the very real problem of finding software specialists who can do that.

We at Ceiba are proud of our fully bilingual, world-class IT talent and are committed to helping companies secure the customized apps and other digital products they need to succeed.

Contact Ceiba today!


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