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A full stack developer develops a digital product from start to finish, taking charge of frontend, backend, and database system management. They have sound business knowledge and a wide range of soft skills. 

A full stack developer programming in her computer and using her mobileBusinesses must respond to the digital transformation

Recent global events have cemented the role of information technology in our lives, accelerating the digital transformation and forcing businesses to act.

Companies large and small are racing to implement custom-designed technology to interact with customers, which is why technology service professionals and those with web development skills are in such high demand. 

Outsourcing saves businesses time, money and stress, but it must be undertaken intelligently. Ceiba’s highly-skilled tech teams include a customer success manager, project manager, and full stack software developers.

Our talented full stack developers are the key to our success. What is a full stack developer, and why does your business need one?


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How does custom software development work?

Custom software development is a highly sought-after IT service, and Ceiba’s software programmers and architects are experts in this field.

In the past, multiple specialists worked together to create the custom designed apps and other digital products customers demand today. 

There were frontend developers, who built the parts of products that users interact with, and others who worked on backend development, designing the technology that powers components, such as servers, which enable the user-facing parts to exist.

There were also database system management specialists and a software analyst, who monitored the software’s overall development.

This led to bloated teams and increasingly complex management and communication challenges, as well as delays in design, development, testing, and implementation.

What is a full stack developer?

Ceiba’s full stack software developers are among those who have revolutionized this process. They are versatile, creative and resourceful problem-solvers, committed to continuous learning.

Our developers’ knowledge covers a broad technology stack, from version control and programming languages to infrastructure management tools and methodological frameworks. 

They are knowledgeable about architecture and design patterns, taking charge of creating the entire application: frontend, backend and database system management, according to Ceiba’s testing processes, and optimizing their work through good practice. 

Full stack developers at Ceiba have sound business knowledge and related soft skills. They also have a strong familiarity with crucial topics, such as DevOps and the cloud.

All of this cuts down on costs, improves communication and ensures our products receive a continuous and personalized attention from the start.

The advantages of having a full stack developer on your team

The main advantage of having one developer working on your digital product is the savings this generates.

Communication is also streamlined because teams have fewer personnel.

At Ceiba, full stack developers, such as a java developer, have comprehensive experience, working on every layer of multiple projects, including adjusting frameworks to create bespoke, app-specific software.

This flexibility and cross-domain knowledge ensures our developers excel at dealing with any issues that arise, implementing long-term solutions to ensure optimum performance.


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Maintenance services and upgrades

Full stack developers are involved in projects, such as mobile or web application development, at various levels.

This includes aspects that go beyond the design, development, testing, and implementation of apps, for example, and extends to maintenance services and upgrades.

Ceiba’s full stack developers are highly skilled and passionate about their work, constantly updating their hard and soft skills to provide a world-class service. Meet Jose Monterroza, who has been a Ceiba full stack developer for 8 years and 5 months now.

Meet a full stack developerFull Stack developer from Ceiba software

Where are you from?

I’m paisa, from Medellin, Colombia (although it may not seem like it) but I like to consider myself a cosmopolitan and a backpacker, don’t be surprised if you see me in another place 😉

Why did you choose to become a software developer?

Because I love to connect worlds and people, and create new things. We are one of the few professions that can produce something from nothing, from our minds, it is almost like art and being part of that is great.

Why is it important to be a full stack developer?

I understand being full stack not only as someone who works in frontend and backend apps but also who understands the story behind the new requirements and is able to ask, channel and design “how” is the best way to fulfill them.

As a full-stack developer, you must be conscious of interactions and integrations on various levels (back and front, of course, UX and UI, security, stability, performance, storage, etc., even whether or not a new feature makes sense), you’re not only working in an “app part”, your thoughts are more systemic. This is how we add value.

What makes Ceiba’s tech teams so special?

I think that in Ceiba, you can live something of the Ubuntu philosophy: I am because we are. We have a very strong cultural environment, and technical excellence as a route is part of this too.

In a project, you are never alone. You have people supporting you and validating whether everything is OK. If we don’t know about something that we need to know about, we can quickly organize ourselves and figure out the best way to solve it. We’re able to adapt to the clients’ organizational culture, infrastructure, and processes and make suggestions based on our experience and training.

Finally, I believe that we have no role limitations, anyone can contribute and find their path, you can be the best in reactive languages, cloud computing, a full stack developer 😊, etc.

What is your favorite aspect of digital product development?

The impact, that I can see something I am working on being used in a short time (sometimes a matter of hours) by a lot of people, including friends and acquaintances. The world moves fast and yes, we are part of it.

Hire your full stack developer today

The digital transformation is in full force and full stack developers, like Jose, are an essential part of every competitive business’s response.

Find out how you can outsource or nearshore your digital product design to Ceiba today and take advantage of our highly skilled, multi-talented and agile teams.


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