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Ceiba’s top IT staff augmentation services include software designers, tech leads, project managers, and UX/UI designers. Our talented and experienced staff boast strong technical judgment, teamwork, and decision-making skills.

A diverse and multicultural team, embracing, turning their backs.Providing the IT talent your business needs

Fierce competition for information technology experts has made it tougher than ever for businesses to find, attract and hire the world’s top IT talent.

Ceiba knows how challenging it can be for medium and large-sized businesses to form their own software development teams internally, and we are uniquely placed to help.

Software developers, tech leads, project managers, DevOps engineers and UX/UI designers among our most requested IT staff augmentation services.

We take care of hiring, training, job benefits and the application of agile methodologies, allowing our employees to focus on clients’ needs, requirements, and guidelines. 

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Ceiba takes the stress out of software development

Whether your business is searching for new and emerging IT personnel, or senior members of staff who will accelerate internal processes, Ceiba has access to a rich range of talent.

Our staff exhibit skilled technical judgment, peerless teamwork skills and excellent decision-making criteria. They are innovative and purposeful, with a great experience that brings competence and seniority to every project.

Ceiba’s employees also have cutting edge coding skills and testing practices, and are flexible and adaptable to change. They have a high level of English, and most are fully bilingual.

Top 5 most requested staff augmentation services

1. Software developers

Our software engineers include front end, back end, and full stack developers.

They are well-versed in current coding practices, automated testing, continuous integration and continuous delivery, and work with agile frameworks.

Ceiba’s software developers code in a wide range of programming languages, including: Xamarin, .NET C#, Java, JavaScript, Android/Kotlin, iOS/swift, React, React Native, Angular, Vue, SpringBoot, Node.js, AWS, Azure, and GCP.

2. Software architects/ tech leads

Our software architects, also known as tech leads, are experts in software development, and take charge of design at the top level – overseeing teams’ technical standards.

Ceiba’s software architects are dedicated to identifying and defining architectural drivers and solutions, and using their experience to support and guide a team.

3. Project managers

Project managers make sure a project’s goals and objectives remain at the forefront of proceedings.

They take the lead in planning, designing, executing, and monitoring the software development process, from start to finish.

Ceiba’s project managers have a strong grasp of business objectives and use agile frameworks to ensure developers achieve and exceed the expected goals.

4. DevOps engineers

DevOps practices combine software development (Dev) and IT operations (Ops).

Ceiba’s DevOps engineers coordinate software development and operations, including our focus on continuous testing. They work within Ceiba’s IT staff augmentation services as part of complete teams only, dedicated to a single project.

5. UX/UI designers

Our user experience (UX) designers and user interface (UI) designers focus on the needs of those who are destined to use a digital product.

These specialist designers can be integrated into development teams to ensure the best possible experience for future users.

They use a wide range of techniques to guarantee that every product they work on is simple, intuitive, and engaging.

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Discover the IT talent your business needs today 

In the midst of global talent shortages, Ceiba is here to help your software development team expand.

We’re home to talented software designers fluent in a multitude of coding languages, and software architects who take the lead on software development.

Our project managers are dedicated to the ultimate goal, and our designers and engineers focus on everything from continuous testing, to enhancing user experience.

Contact Ceiba today and find out how our tech talent can help you meet and exceed your goals.


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