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Software engineers are essential resources in today’s digital transformation, which has caused staff shortages in the IT industry. Here, we outline the benefits of augmenting your tech team with Ceiba’s architect developers and software architects.


Software engineers are a vital digital transformation tool


Today’s digital transformation has made customized apps and other digital products essential for businesses to generate profit and communicate with their customers.

At Ceiba, we are seeing increasing numbers of companies fill vacancies on their staff with our highly-trained software engineers, as well as software engineering outsourcing

Here we explain everything you need to know about software engineers, the IT specialists who are key to our popular staff augmentation services.


What is outsourcing in software engineering?


Different types of software engineers


What’s in a job title? Sometimes customers are confused about the types of software engineering and the various titles given to the experts who design, develop, test and maintain their customized apps, or other digital products.

This isn’t surprising, because some businesses distinguish between software engineers, software developers, and other titles, and others do not.

At Ceiba, we keep things simple. We have architect developers, who besides their vast technical skills, stand out in aspects such as quality, architectural design, clean code and other soft skills.

We also have software architects (known internally as tech leads). These technology specialists share responsibility for code architecture with our developers, and take charge of design at the top level, overseeing each team’s technical standards.

They make decisions on the technology to be used, proof of concept relating to new technologies and developer training, and work with our clients to ensure the technical viability of their requirements.

Our software architects are dedicated to identifying and defining architectural drivers and solutions, and using their experience to support and guide our teams.


Ceiba’s software engineers are multi-skilled


Ceiba’s architect developers are skilled in diverse areas of software development. 

On the coding front, they are fluent in languages and platforms including .NET (C#), Xamarin, Java, Spring Boot, Kotlin, Android, JavaScript, Angular, Vue, React, React Native, Node.js and Go, as well as Cloud providers such as Amazon AWS, Google GCP and Microsoft Azure.

They are also conversant in current coding practices, cloud skills, automated testing, continuous integration and delivery, and apply agile philosophies.

Architect developers are natural problem-solvers, committed to designing disruptive and innovative solutions for companies’ tech needs.


Staff augmentation takes a holistic approach


The old stereotype of a software engineer is a man or woman in sportswear, sitting in a basement, eating boxes of donuts and wearing gigantic headphones while staring at a computer for sixteen hours a day.

In fact, architect developers are an integral part of our teamwork and never work alone (they also tend to prefer fresh Colombian fruit, such as mango and papaya, and a cup of our country’s world-famous coffee, over a box of donuts).

Ceiba’s staff augmentation services include our architect developers, who build software and write programs, and software architects or tech leads, who ensure the final product is well-developed, scalable and secure.

Every project also has a project manager, who keeps our clients objectives at the forefront, and DevOps engineers who create and implement continuous integration and delivery, and support our teams with a continuous delivery strategy.

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Staff augmentation saves time, money, and stress


Whether your company needs new and emerging IT personnel, or senior staff members to accelerate internal processes, Ceiba has access to a rich range of cost-effective talent.

Our staff exhibit skilled technical judgment, peerless teamwork abilities and top-notch decision-making criteria. They are innovative and purposeful, and have a minimum of four years’ experience, bringing competence and seniority to each project.

Ceiba’s software engineers also have cutting edge coding skills and testing practices, and are flexible and adaptable to change. 

They have a high level of English too, and most are fully bilingual.


Agile project management ensures products excel


The benefits of Ceiba’s staff augmentation services go beyond filling gaps in your staffing levels with highly-trained, competitively-priced software engineers.

We excel at innovative and disruptive solutions, employing an agile philosophy that will prioritize your needs and keep you abreast of any and all developments.

Our agile teams are not interested in offering you a glitzy ‘big reveal’ at the end of a project, which can often prove disappointing. 

We focus instead on delivering results in digestible chunks, so we can continuously evaluate your project’s goals, aims, and results and, of course, respond instantly to challenges and any changes you suggest.


Augment with Ceiba’s software engineers today


It’s clear Ceiba’s software engineers are an essential tool in the global race to keep pace with the rapidly evolving digital transformation – amid grievous staff shortages in the IT industry.

To find out more, contact Ceiba today.


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