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Staff augmentation is a scalable, flexible way to win in the global race for IT talent. Filling the gaps in your internal software development team with Ceiba’s highly-qualified, committed and culturally-attuned specialists is a smart solution.


What is staff augmentation?

Securing the right talent for your team has always been a challenge, but never more so than today. 

The rapidly accelerating digital transformation has ensured demand for talented software development specialists is vastly outstripping supply.

Staff augmentation providers like Ceiba offer the expert talent companies need to expand their internal software development teams and ‘fill the gaps’ in staffing.

Here, we explain how IT staff augmentation works and why businesses are leveraging it to succeed in the race for the world’s emerging IT talent.

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5 benefits of IT staff augmentation


1. Seamless integration into established teams

Augmenting staff is the ideal way to avoid the frustration and stress of internal hiring and secure top-quality talent, in a flexible manner.

Ceiba’s staff transition seamlessly into existing teams. Our software development specialists are fully-bilingual. They have a strong work ethic and are already immersed in the cultural nuances and attitudes of the teams they are prepared to join.

The fact Ceiba offers a nearshore staff augmentation service means companies in the US and Canada, for example, can take advantage of our staff being in the same or similar time zone. This makes it so much faster and easier to communicate.

We know staff oversight can be strenuous. Ceiba’s HR team acts as an extension of your team, making sure every staff member we select is the perfect fit. 

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2. Secure top IT talent on demand

We take pride in the talent, skills, and dedication of our staff who have seasoned technical judgment and strong team working abilities and decision-making criteria.

The software specialists we have ready and prepared to move into established teams are innovative and purposeful, and most have at least four years’ experience.

Our commitment to cutting-edge coding and testing skills is absolute. 

Ceiba’s mandatory training for software developers, for example, includes CSD certification, object-orientated programming, clean code, best practices, solid principles, continuous integration (Gradle, Jenkins, sonar, coverage and technical debt).

It also covers unit testing (JUnit, mockmvc) infrastructure testing (jmeter) functional testing (protractor) clean architecture (hexagonal architecture) front-end architecture (angular) web service and database connection (spring boot).


Take advantage of scalability and flexibility

Ceiba’s flexible, on-demand staff augmentation model means businesses can scale up or down according to need.

We take care of hiring, training, job benefits and the application of agile methodologies, so our employees can focus on clients’ needs, requirements, and guidelines. 

It’s important to take care of your people. We are proud of the rigorous training we provide. We monitor and enrich the mental and physical health of our staff and their families, through programs designed specifically for this purpose.

That may be one reason why our employees doubly ​​certified Ceiba as a great place to work, following a staff survey.


4. Enjoy easy communication and oversight

We’ve already outlined the communication benefits of working with flexible, fully-bilingual, culturally astute staff operating in a nearby time zone.

But we know good communication goes further than that. Our management keep a careful eye on the highly-qualified staff we select to augment already existing teams.  

Our managers will introduce themselves at the beginning of the engagement and ensure clients have direct access to them at all times.

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5. Access experienced IT talent across multiple disciplines

Successful staff augmentation means having quick and easy access to talent with a full range of skills, roles, and experience.

We’ve already mentioned our front end, back end and full stack developers, who are well-versed in current coding practices, automated testing, continuous integration and continuous delivery, and work with agile frameworks.

They are fluent in multiple programming languages, including: Xamarin, .NET C#, Java, JavaScript, Android/Kotlin, iOS/swift, React, React Native, Angular, Vue, SpringBoot, Node.js, AWS, Azure, and GCP.

We also augment software architects, or tech leads, who oversee design at the top level, identifying and defining architectural drivers and solutions, supporting and guiding teams and guaranteeing technical standards.

Our DevOps engineers co-ordinate development (Dev) and operations (Ops) including continuous testing, creating and implementing continuous integration and delivery in order to support teams’ continuous delivery strategies.

Finally, our project managers are fiercely committed to business objectives, taking the lead in planning, designing, executing and monitoring the software development process from start to finish, using agile frameworks to meet and exceed goals.


Talk to one of the top staff augmentation companies today


Staff augmentation is both a solution and a strategy for meeting the challenges of the digital transformation, and keeping one step ahead of the IT talent shortage.

Contact Ceiba to find out more about our staff augmentation services.


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