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Information technology is one of the world’s largest outsourcing industries, with increasing numbers of businesses enjoying nearshoring and outsourcing benefits. Delegating tasks to qualified IT specialists saves companies time and money.

Nearshoring Agile teams

Outsourcing Benefits in IT

The IT industry is a world leader in the provision of hot new talent, with more and more businesses turning to outsourcing and nearshoring to create their tech teams.

Behind every new technology lies an incredible amount of hard work and specialized knowledge, which is why information technology specialists are in such high demand.

Tech has established itself as one of the world’s largest outsourcing industries, with companies increasingly reliant on emerging talent from across the globe.

Why are so many businesses seeking nearshoring and outsourcing benefits?

What is outsourcing?

Outsourcing is when a business hires another company or professional to complete a task – such as developing and managing a new technology – rather than doing so internally.

The biggest one of the outsourcing benefits for IT  is the simplest: it allows companies to get the job done, without having to hire more full-time staff.

The current historic industrial revolution brings with it many opportunities, but also risks for businesses that fail to transform and adapt new technologies into their services.

Outsourcing and nearshoring means businesses can delegate essential tech tasks and processes to hand-picked professionals with the skills and expertise they need.

Access to qualified specialists, across the globe, helps businesses keep their costs down and boost their productivity, achieving more with limited time.

Almost a third of small businesses now have all of their tech activities outsourced, benefits that are leading others to outsource all or part of their tech requirements.

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Highly-skilled IT staff

Finding, attracting and hiring staff with specialized tech knowledge is time-consuming, expensive, and ultimately inefficient.

Ceiba matches companies with the best new and emerging IT talent, ensuring every business that works with us has access to the tech team it requires.

The fact our outsourcing and nearshoring services cross international borders and time-zones means even businesses with the most specialized needs can secure the best new and emerging talent from across the globe.

This has never been more essential – especially given the current tech demands on businesses, which require staff with the most up-to-date qualifications and skills.

Agile teams

Agile teams

There’s no doubt that the best tech teams are streamlined and efficient, underpinned by specialists and experts who know exactly what they need to do in order to achieve the ultimate goal.

At Ceiba, we pride ourselves on providing agile teams with defined and empowered roles, a synchronized and adaptable organizational culture, and consistently fast deliveries. That’s why, thanks to the outstanding results of the surveys conducted among our employees, Ceiba Software has been doubly certified as a Great Place To Work.

Digital product design

There are many reasons to take advantage of Ceiba’s outsourcing and nearshoring services in the information technology industry.

Some of the most popular projects companies outsource and nearshore to our up-and-coming tech talent is app development and other digital product design, including computer programs, video games and music production software.

All the expertise that goes into designing and developing a product a user buys, downloads or uses via an app, website or other platform, can be outsourced or nearshored with us – saving our clients time, money, and hassle.

Some corporations also prefer to entrust the control of an acquired product or service to Ceiba, rather than having to administer that product or service internally.

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It’s clear that outsourcing and nearshoring are game-changers for businesses, ensuring companies can realize their projects in a way that is fast, efficient, and cost-effective.

Ceiba offers the very best international talent and innovation to companies that wish to assemble their tech teams quickly and easily, and handpick their staff.

We ensure that borders and time zones are no barrier when it comes to accessing the hottest new IT talent. The only thing businesses need is a great idea.

Keen to learn more about outsourcing benefits? Let’s get in touch!


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