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Both certifications have been awarded to us thanks to the recognition of our employees as a company with an excellent working environment and great capacity for innovation.

Thanks to the outstanding results of the surveys conducted among its employees, Ceiba Software has been doubly certified.

On March 23, 2022, we received the Great Place To Work® certificate as a great company to work for, valued as such by 99% of our employees. We obtained a work climate index rating of 98.6, which places us at the top of the scale, that is, Excellent, compared to the rest of the market.

We are also perceived by 96% of our employees as a company that seeks to make organizational culture the basis of its innovative capacity, which is why we have also been recognized as a Great Culture to Innovate with an Innovation Culture Index of 90.5.

In its certification, Great Culture to Innovate recognizes that in Ceiba “the culture favors innovation in an excellent way, this achievement positions it as an organization that contributes to one of the highest priorities of the country and as an example of those that seek to make their culture the basis of their innovative capacity.”

“These recognitions fill us with pride, as they consolidate the feelings of our collaborators and all the effort we have made in these almost 17 years of business trajectory; to maintain an environment and culture of trust and closeness in a genuine way. At the same time, it also challenges us to continue impacting the community with the contribution of an excellent work environment that fosters innovation,” stated Alejandra Vásquez, from Ceiba’s Talent Strategy Management.

According to Stibenzon Cañas, our CEO, this recognition has been possible thanks to the trust and belief of our employees in the work culture of our organization.

“We have to feel very proud of the company we are building and, of course, it puts us on an increasingly higher level of demand.These certifications show that there really is a conviction that we work based on certain values, one of which is family and another is more than a value, it is a disposition called innovation. We are a company that generates knowledge, with people who work for people by generating innovation; this innovation has to generate impact and value. This value has to be demonstrated so that our customers and, of course, our employees continue to believe in us”

Both certifications are a sign of trust and support from our employees to Ceiba, who faced challenging moments during the pandemic to protect human talent and their families, preserving jobs and salaries, in line with one of our corporate values: “we value people as individuals and the family”.

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