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While you grow,  we know your company can easily face the challenge of continuing operations and scaling, with the confidence of working with the most qualified team. Any leakage in that aspect, can lead your company to fail or have reprocesses, expressed in money. That’s when nearshoring  makes sense for you.

Hiring an external company in a nearby country can solve that issue. Therefore, the United States and Canada represent the largest source of outsourcing initiatives around the world, which is why nearshoring is an opportunity to improve any business project. Considering  the benefits of  proximity, shared time zone, cultural similarities, and money saving in terms of the hiring and onboarding process; it is a great option to consider.

Specially in Colombia, this kind of deals between companies, have been taking a big relevance during the past 10 years. According to the director of AmCham Colombia (American Chamber of Commerce), María Claudia Lacouture, almost 450 U.S. companies in Colombia generate around 100 thousand direct and indirect jobs. Between 2010 and 2020, foreign direct investment from the U.S. to the country amounted to US$25,148 million, 17.7% of the total investment that came to the country in that decade. Sector based, 30% of the nearshoring projects are in 4.0 industries.

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However, it is important for you, as an owner, to also consider some other facts when letting an external company involve into your business purposes. Naturally, you may simply rely on what you already know, even if that means losing the opportunity to focus more on your ideas and goals, instead of thinking about your workforce. At Ceiba, we put first the understanding of your needs, creating a customized and tailored plan, having a clear communication and a transparent relationship. Let us tell you how we accelerated your nearshoring project.

We often asked why our client relationships are so strong and long term over the years. Firstly, at Ceiba, we have developed strategies that allow us to fill positions at our clients to join existing development teams with the skill sets that are needed at the time they are needed.

How do we accomplish this?

  1. We have implemented strategies to understand your business process and the needs you have for your company with a deep analysis and inception. After we study the case, we are able to enter the project quickly and effectively.
  2. Also, we know that in the technology industry there are new tools and new releases every day on which maybe your own customers are relying to automate and optimize their own processes; that’s why this is always on our technological radar; we know that developers are not always going to cover all the tools, languages or problem-solving skills. For this reason, we have a fast and effective training processes at a technical level to cover the gaps the talent may have, or even improve their skills at a technical and essential level.
  3. On the other hand, we have a strategy of accompaniment, with which we seek to ensure the quality of the products made by our developers, always complying with security, safety and a set of technical practices and soft skills: agility (scrum, DevOps), innovation, continuous improvement, rigorous safety, and quality standards, implementing ethical hacking.
  4. In addition, we have a company with more than 600 people, willing to help when someone has a problem, everyone will always have the support of a great team full of talent and knowledge, always ready to help.
  5. Our transparency
  6. Last but not least, our culture and idiosyncrasy makes us the best allies for your business, we are people who are always willing to support and grow your ideas, and we will work side by side with you to achieve your goals (which are ours, too). Additionally, we have some help from an exceptional time zone that has allowed us to work with clients in Latin America, the US, Canada and Europe.

By complying with these specific 6 items, aligned with our values, we are pretty confident that we have what’s needed to be your next software development nearshoring partner, giving you the greatest participation and closeness to every strategy created for you, fast-tracking your ideas to success.

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Juan Pablo Osorio

Juan Pablo es Ingeniero de Sistemas con más de 5 años de experiencia en el desarrollo, actualmente se dedica a entrenar equipos y clientes para que adopten las mejores prácticas técnicas, siempre orientado a la calidad del software que se desarrolla.

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