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With a trained, experienced, committed and qualified tech team; we can work as an extension of your business, with a strategic and always warm location in Colombia.

Acquire a team of developers, project managers, architects, user experience and designers who will invest all their creativity, ingenuity, thinking and creation around the needs of your business.

I want to grow my team
Flecha verde a la derecha

Great team quality

We put the same passion and effort into every project we face, that’s why our team is continuously learning, growing as professionals, and improving their soft and hard skills starting with a deep and rigorous training process called Ceiba DNA.

Flecha verde a la derecha

The best adaptation process you can have

We compare the skills the person has with the standards required for the project, also aligned with the requirements of the business to be impacted. We match the ideal person to each project, reducing learning curves times and maximizing the value our software developers bring to the table.

Flecha verde a la derecha

Management team for your team

Either you decide to augment your team or let us involve in one of your tech plans, each team count with a Project Manager and a Customer Success Manager, ensuring a great relationship between Ceiba and you.

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