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The organization, renowned worldwide for its authority on workplace culture, has published its list of the best places to work for women in Colombia, highlighting the country’s excellent companies that prioritize providing an equitable and fair working environment for all employees.

Why Is ‘Great Place to Work’ Such an Important Recognition?

This recognition is great news for Colombia as it demonstrates that more and more companies are committed to building a more just and equal society by promoting gender equality and the well-being and satisfaction of their female workers.

Best Workplaces For Women Colombia 2023 by GPTW

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The portal highlights several companies that meet the requirements and characteristics of being not only safe places but also offering great growth opportunities for women in Colombia. According to the magazine Portafolio: “Ceiba Software is an organization whose culture is based on valuing people as individuals and their families, which involves generating practices and benefits that empower each person from their being, fostering an environment of equality where women are referenced and included. Orienting their practices around diversity has enabled them to generate value through innovation, a key component of their sector and strategic direction”.

We couldn’t have achieved this recognition without the opinion and feedback of our amazing employees. Their commitment to our values and mission makes our workplace culture so great. So, thank you to all of our collaborators for making us a top-ranked company in the Best Workplaces For Women Colombia 2023 by GPTW in the category of 301 to 1500 employees. 

We are truly honoured and will continue to strive for a more diverse, fair, and equitable workplace.


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