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Ceiba’s precious software delivery best practices utilize agile development philosophies and focus on clean code, testing, security, integration and delivery and, of course, our people. We explain how our practices will help your company succeed.

Programming is what enables us to work, rest and play

Software is the single most important component in modern life – the “secret sauce” that powers our work, shopping and socializing and almost every service we use. 

Given its importance, and thanks in part to today’s digital transformation, it’s essential that businesses can access safe, high-quality software delivered at speed.

This is where companies like Ceiba excel. Here we explain how our focus on software delivery best practices can keep your company ahead of the game.

Ceiba’s software delivery best practices are constantly evolving

Agile development is the key to quality, efficiency, and speed

Agile development is the cornerstone of Ceiba’s software development best practices.

We emphasize communication, collaboration, adaptation, and trust between everyone who works on a product’s development, and our teams take a collaborative, cross-functional and interwoven approach.

Ceiba’s focus on clean code is paramount

Everything begins with our source code. Ceiba’s commitment to cutting-edge coding and our fixation on clean code is at the core of what we do.

Our software developers are well versed in current coding practices and excel at object-oriented programming, best practices, and solid principles.

Continuous testing is the fast-track to success

Few companies would run the gauntlet of live testing their new software on general release and this is where Ceiba’s dedication to testing comes into play.

Testing is a vital aspect of Ceiba’s software delivery best practices. In fact, writing and running tests on our products is as important to us as writing our source code.

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Why continuous integration and delivery matters

Our software engineers are skilled at continuous integration – whereby multiple developers contribute to the codebase without disrupting our focus on the product’s testing and consistency.

Most businesses prioritize quality, efficiency and governance as the key features of their bespoke software, but speed of delivery is a vital component too.

Continuous delivery ensures we maintain pace and efficiency when it comes to taking our code to production and automated delivery software supports this process too.

Software security is more important than ever

Security is the word on everyone’s lips and it is built into Ceiba’s processes from the moment we write our first line of code.

Our security measures are then tracked throughout the software development process

Human capital will never be a ‘buzz phrase’ at Ceiba


Last, but definitely not least, our focus on the people who work for us is the single most important aspect of our software delivery best practices.

As much as we might extol our data-driven approach, and access to the best delivery management software available, our products are written and designed by smart and creative human beings and caring for them is our priority.

We are proud of the training we provide but, beyond that, we monitor and enrich the mental and physical health of our staff and their families, through programs designed specifically for this purpose.

That’s why our employees double ​​certified Ceiba as a great place to work, following a staff-wide survey – and we intend to keep it that way.

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Ceiba’s software delivery best practices will help your business to succeed


Find out how Ceiba’s commitment to agile development, clean code and security, as well as our continuous testing, integration and delivery, and the sublime talent of our highly-skilled staff, can help your business succeed. 

Contact Ceiba today.


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