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How nearshoring can insulate your company from the economic recession

Nearshoring your software development is a smart way to prepare for economic recession. It replaces internal hiring costs with top talent and all the benefits of agile practices, custom-designed apps and disruptive digital solutions.

Smart businesses have economic recession plans in place

The world is facing a perfect storm with the pandemic consequences, colliding with the fallout of the ongoing war in Ukraine.

Not since the 2008 financial crisis has the world seen an economic event of this magnitude with soaring inflation, stunted economic growth and common commodities price spikes across the globe.

Consumer confidence is low, and the cost of living is high.

Smart businesses are already taking steps to insulate themselves against economic recession. With the digital transformation continuing apace, custom application development, and other digital products, have never been so important.

Companies in the US and Canada, in particular, now prefer to outsource their tech needs offshore, to nearby Latin America rather than countries such as China, in a process known as ‘nearshoring’.

Here we explain how nearshoring your tech teams and collaborating with Colombia’s emerging IT talent can help offset the effects of economic recession.

Nearshoring offers an exciting opportunity in challenging times

Avoid expensive internal hiring costs

Internal hiring can be time-consuming, costly and ultimately wasteful for businesses and, in an economic recession, it’s a good idea to consider the very best alternative.

IT outsourcing companies like Ceiba offer nearshore solutions that help companies dodge the long-term headache of internal hiring and management, and immediately start working with qualified, dedicated, and innovative talent on a flexible basis. 

Whether businesses need talented IT personnel to create products, or senior managers equipped to accelerate their internal processes, Ceiba provides highly-experienced work teams dedicated to realizing companies’ bespoke apps and other digital products.

personal de TI con talento para crear productos,


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Discover emerging talent at reasonable prices

Working with emerging talent in Latin America may imply cost savings, but not at the expense of proficiency, commitment and top quality performance.

Ceiba’s staff possess skilled technical judgment, peerless teamwork abilities and excellent decision-making criteria. They are purposeful and innovative, with at least four years of experience, bringing their competence and seniority to every challenge.

We are proud of our cutting edge coding skills and automated testing practices, and our flexible and adaptable response to change. All our employees speak excellent English, and most are fully bilingual.

Nearshore on an agile, project-by-project basis

Flexibility is key when it comes to facing the complexities wrought by economic recession, such as the one the world is facing today.

Ceiba’s design teams are optimized and adaptable, and we employ agile development practices as a matter of course. That means we assemble our teams rapidly, and tailor them to the needs of each specific project.

Commissioning one of our agile teams to design, develop, test and maintain your customized app or other digital product, guarantees your business the flexibility it needs to thrive in these challenging and uncertain times.

We also employ DevOps practices. This philosophy, which combines software development (dev) and operations (ops) allows us to maximize the speed, efficiency and security of all our systems’ development.

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Beat the competition with customized apps

The best smartphone apps drive sales, facilitate communication, personalize users’ experiences and boost brand engagement, loyalty and visibility.

Customized apps are king, and have never been more essential.

A bespoke, tailor-made app designed with a company’s business model, brand and values in mind improves performance and ensures scalability.

We pride ourselves on clean code at Ceiba, testing continuously and maintaining code over time to guarantee fewer bugs.

Our focus on intuitive apps also enriches a users’ experiences and ensures they return to the app, again and again.

Disruptive nearshoring brings new ideas and solutions

Innovation is everything when it comes to confronting an economic recession.

At Ceiba, we focus on designing and developing user-facing components that respond to our clients’ culture, language, attitudes and preferences.

Our staff excel at a process known as ‘disruptive nearshoring’ – invoking their technical and collaborative skills to spark creative ideas and implement innovative processes that keep our clients at the forefront of the most cutting edge technology.

Make sure your company is ready for economic recession

With more than a third of small businesses already outsourcing their tech activities, and others considering outsourcing all or part of their software development, nearshoring in a time of crisis is the logical next step.

Steel your business against an economic recession. It’s time to consider nearshoring. We’ve got the full story.


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