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Colombia is becoming the go-to source for software developers in Latin America. Ceiba explains how the country’s robust digital ecosystem, bilingual labor force, and convenient time zone make it number one for nearshoring.

Looking  for app developers in Latin America? Try Colombia


  1. Colombia maintains a thriving and constantly expanding digital ecosystem
  2. It places a high importance on digital investments
  3. Colombia invests in ensuring an educated, tech-focused labor force
  4. Ceiba’s software developers are bilingual and culturally fluent
  5. Colombia shares a time zone with parts of the U.S.

The race to build world-class software is fiercer than ever, especially as transformational digital products have such a massive impact on a company’s bottom line.

A global shortfall in software developers has left businesses hungry for ambitious and skilled emerging talent, which is why so many companies are nearshoring to Colombia.

Nearshoring is when a company chooses to outsource projects to a company or organization in a nearby country, and businesses nearshore to Colombia for many reasons. Perhaps the most important is Colombia’s  proven technological prowess, which earned the country the nickname: The ‘Silicon Valley of Latin America’.

Here Ceiba explains why software developers in Colombia are the number one choice when hiring software developers in Latin America.

 software developers in Latin America


1 Colombia maintains a a thriving and constantly expanding digital ecosystem

Colombia is one of the world’s most popular outsourcing and offshoring destinations, according to the BPO Confidence Index.

One reason so many businesses, particularly those in the USA and Canada, put their trust in Colombia is the emphasis the country places on new and emerging technologies.

At Ceiba, we take advantage of robust networks and infrastructures that adhere to the strictest standards. Colombia utilizes 11 submarine communication cables, which is the second highest in Latin America, ensuring outstanding connectivity, stability, and speed.

2 Colombia places  high importance on digital investments

Ceiba is recognized for being one of the best software development companies in Latin America and we are at the forefront of Colombia’s digital revolution. We are uniquely positioned to attract emerging talent to work on exciting projects with top-tier clients in North America.

Colombia’s software and IT services industry is rapidly expanding, and Colombia is now one of the top ranked technology-based service providers in all of Latin America.

Techies continue to debate whether it is Colombia, or its second-biggest city, Medellín, that truly earned the ‘Silicon Valley of Latin America’ title, given that Medellín is one of only two Latin American cities to rank among the world’s most innovative.

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3 Colombia produces an educated, tech-focused labor force

At Ceiba, we are extremely proud of our staff. They possess cutting-edge coding skills and best-in-class testing practices, as well as peerless technical judgment, decision-making skills and a strong commitment to teamwork.

Our staff are innovative, passionate, hard-working, and keen to stand out in Colombia, which boasts one of the largest technology graduate populations in all of Latin America.

Colombia is home to more than 30 high-ranked universities and technology centers, with more than 14% of its university students graduating in technology-related fields.

The country generates around 13,000 IT and engineering graduates every year, so it is no surprise it produces some of the best software developers in Latin America.

4 Ceiba’s software developers are bilingual and culturally fluent

Most of Ceiba’s staff are fully bilingual. Our tech talent is agile, adaptable, and attuned to the cultural nuances of everyone we work with.

One reason Colombia stands out among software developers in Latin America, is the country’s commitment to and proficiency in the English language.

Forty percent of Colombia’s shared service centers speak English, for example, and the country has a stated aim of making Colombia a bilingual nation by 2026.

5 Sharing a time zone brings multiple benefits for companies

There are many reasons to outsource software development to nearby countries, and taking advantage of a convenient time zone is one of them.

Companies in the US and Canada, in particular, reap great benefits from Colombia’s physical proximity, such as increased oversight and reduced travel costs when collaborating in person. Most major US cities run direct flights to Bogotá and Medellín.

When outsourced development teams operate in the same time zone, or have working hours that are very close together, there is also greater overlap in the working day, which makes it easier to optimize digital communication, from virtual meetings to email chains and chats.

To find out why Ceiba is the top choice for software developers in Colombia, contact us today, and discover how working with a world-class software development firm can transform your business.


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