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Welcome back to our blog on Ceiba’s Chatbot! In Part 2, we delve into our 2-month journey, sharing key insights and improvements. Discover how this Artificial Intelligence tool has revolutionized knowledge sharing within #FamiliaCeiba.

What happened to the Ceiba chatbot?

Welcome back to Ceiba’s Chatbot blog! In Part 1, we shared how we built our Artificial Intelligence tool and its transformative impact on knowledge sharing within #FamiliaCeiba.

We are excited to share everything we have learned and how we have improved after two months since its launch. Since introducing ceibaBOT, we have been dedicated to enhancing its effectiveness and ensuring accessibility for all members of #FamiliaCeiba.

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What actions have been taken since the launch? What were the reasons behind those actions? What conclusions have been drawn after 2 months?

Ceiba chatbot AI


Integrating AI tools has become a cornerstone in creating solutions that simplify developers’ lives and promote efficiency in every line of code written.

These tools are designed to adapt to each developer’s workflow, ensuring a personalized and efficient experience. We have also added capabilities such as code analysis and recommendations, unit test generation, and error debugging assistance.

Furthermore, through the use of AI tools, we have popularized Prompt Engineering, enabling us to improve accuracy, control, and result customization, reduce biases, enhance efficiency and productivity, foster collaboration and continuous improvement, as well as empower users to understand better and obtain results when querying AI models.

Moreover, we are committed to integrating AI tools into the daily routines of our employees, aiming to efficiently and effectively address any doubts or queries they may have. 

Ceiba’s chatbot is an intelligent virtual assistant providing precise and relevant answers to our employees’ questions. 

It leverages information from our knowledge bases and internal documents and resources to address common topics that our employees frequently inquire about.

In summary, we have witnessed significant benefits from integrating AI tools in our company, including streamlining and empowering the development process, personalizing developers’ experiences, and expediting internal issue resolution and inquiries. 

At Ceiba, we are dedicated to continuous improvement and constant innovation in utilizing advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence.

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Therefore, we offer you the opportunity to acquire your own ChatGPT for your company’s needs, enabling you to enhance efficiency and productivity within your team.

Discover how Artificial Intelligence can transform your business and leverage the benefits we have obtained to take your company to the next level. 

Contact us today for more information.

We are eager to assist you in achieving your goals!


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