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Discover how Ceiba utilizes the latest software trends, set to revolutionize the industry in 2023. Our clients are already benefiting from the incorporation of the IoT, Blockchain, AI, and cloud computing in their digital products.

How Ceiba adopts the latest software development trends for 2023

The information technology industry evolves at the speed of light, which makes it essential for software development teams to keep abreast of new developments.

At Ceiba, we ensure our teams monitor, absorb, and incorporate any software development trends that can add value to our customers’ digital product design.

Here we outline the ways in which our teams are ahead of the game for 2023 and highlight some emerging tendencies that are bringing benefits for our customers.

New trends in software development happen all the time
Ceiba teams use multiple ways to monitor the latest software trends

One of the key skills needed for a software developer is the ability to stay attuned to the industry’s latest developments.

Our software engineers and developers are skilled and passionate, and committed to monitoring the latest changes and trends that can expand and enhance their work.

Ceiba’s teams monitor and review relevant websites, books and podcasts, and attend industry events and conferences that highlight the latest developments. 

trends in software development

Ceiba is already successfully implementing top 2023 trends

Two of the latest software trends are the continued expansion of the Internet of Things (IoT), and the expanded use of Blockchain in software development.

The accelerated adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) and a dramatic increase in cloud computing are also notable IT tendencies heading into the new year.

Ceiba’s software engineers are already incorporating these fast-moving trends into our exciting and innovative digital solutions.

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How will the IoT and Blockchain software expand in 2023?

The IoT refers to the way we add technology to inert objects – such as vehicles, roofs and lighting systems – in order to collect and share data electronically.

Some estimates suggest the IoT expansion will lead to 65 billion IoT devices by 2025.

Blockchain is well-known in cryptocurrency but, in 2023, will continue its expansion into software development.

Blockchain-oriented software (BOS) is secure and robust. It’s impossible to modify or delete its data, because it’s decentralized.

This makes it particularly desirable for the healthcare industry, for example, where it can link multiple stakeholders and be used in sensitive transactions.

How will AI and cloud computing impact us in 2023?

AI is now used in almost every industry, and in most of our homes, with some experts predicting the global AI market could reach $500 billion by 2024.

This technology lowers costs by reducing human error and increasing efficiency.

It’s popular in banking, where it can offer a more personalized service, and in healthcare, where it can improve symptom analysis and detect medication errors.

Finally, cloud computing is expanding because it reduces the need for businesses to manage expensive data centers – one reason why this technology is witnessing a

boom.Demand for cloud-native engineering, such as that offered by Ceiba’s software engineers, has never been higher.

Ceiba’s clients are already benefiting from 2023 technologies

One example of Ceiba’s incorporation of emerging trends was in the digital solution it found for EPM Colombia, which utilizes cutting-edge technology.

EPM is a public utility company that provides electricity, gas, water, sanitation and telecommunications across multiple regions in Colombia.

Ceiba designed, developed, tested, and continues to maintain a revolutionary digital product for EPM that incorporates IoT, Blockchain, AI and cloud-computing.

The product we designed generates precise measurements and time-stamped data related to the energy produced by customers who self-generate through solar panels.

It also creates an energy marketplace that allows these self-generators to sell the excess energy they produce, with all transactions recorded on a Blockchain.

This product has proven transformative in the sector.

Ceiba’s approach to cutting-edge tech can transform your company too

Find out how Ceiba’s commitment to monitoring, mastering, and incorporating the latest software trends will transform your business.

Contact Ceiba today.

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