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Ceiba’s approach to agile development is innovative, fast, and flexible. Here we consider how recent advances in agile project management can transform your company’s software development experience and create revolutionary digital products.

Agile project management is a standout success

Tech workers have long considered agile project management the standout solution for successful software development – and now the business world agrees.

Research shows that almost three quarters of US companies have switched to agile methodologies in recent years, with agile projects reporting a 64% success rate compared to just 49% with the old-fashioned waterfall approach.

Most businesses say they use agile to speed up software delivery and report that agile teams are 25% more productive. Companies also report an average 60% growth in revenue and profit after adopting agile philosophies.

With 88% of international tech workers saying agile has “improved their quality of life” – it’s clear that this methodology’s advantages are limitless and continue to evolve. Here’s how new advances in agile project management can benefit your business.

How does agile project management continue to advance?

Design-thinking has proven a perfect fit with agile development

Design thinking prioritizes a consumer’s needs above all else and uses empathy and observation to understand, intrinsically, how people interact with their environment and create products and solutions accordingly.

At Ceiba we invest in what we call ‘essential skills’. Our managers and developers have great empathy with our clients, gaining a profound understanding of their needs and exactly why they want to develop the product in the first place.

Customer compassion, ideation and feedback loops are a great way to put our clients at the center of our agile processes without compromising the delivery speed.

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Continuous integration and rapid feedback are key

Taking weeks, months, even years to define a product without getting down to work makes zero sense and fails to generate any value for businesses.

That’s why at Ceiba we start work as soon as we have the product’s basic skeleton and prioritize immediate inputs as to how the product can be improved as it develops.

Our agile team members work in a safe, friendly, and supportive environment where they can provide honest feedback on progress and move swiftly to integrate it.


DevOps is essential to Ceiba’s agile operations

DevOps combines software development (Dev) and IT operations (Ops) and at Ceiba this fusion is an essential and evolving component of our agile project management.

Continuous delivery is one of the major benefits of deploying agile philosophies and Ceiba’s DevOps engineers not only create and implement continuous integration and delivery but support our teams with a continuous delivery strategy.

These multi-skilled specialists essentially co-ordinate software development and operations, which includes our focus on continuous pretesting. 

Continuous pretesting tackles any software complexities before delivery, ensuring our clients receive a higher-quality product in a shorter amount of time.

Agile can utilize AI and machine-learning too

Some days it feels like artificial intelligence (AI) is taking over the world – and there’s no reason not to incorporate it into agile project management, alongside other useful project management software.

AI and machine-learning provide real-time data and super-swift advanced analytics, which leads to uncannily accurate forecasts as to when each phase of an agile project is going to be complete. 

Clients find this aspect particularly useful when a new digital product comes close to being released.

These technologies are also valuable tools for an IT solutions company to check and test code. AI and machine-learning can identify and remove bugs as well as providing highly accurate insights.
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Cloud-based solutions are faster, cheaper and more efficient

Cloud-based technologies are fast becoming such a central component to agile development that some in the tech industry are calling them an “agile catalyst”.

Agile teams that utilize cloud-based solutions report improvements in forecasting i.e. new ways of thinking outside the box, as well as advantages for coding, testing and deployment speeds.

Switching to cloud-based technology essentially promotes greater efficiency, agility, and customer service, as well as reduced costs and a faster market response.

Agile project management is dynamic and continues to evolve

Ceiba’s approach to agile project management was already fast, innovative, and flexible with a commitment to client involvement and the ability to pivot when required.

As more and more businesses seek the benefits of agile methodologies our processes continue to evolve and continue to deliver high-quality digital products at speed.

Find out how Ceiba’s agile philosophies can transform your business today.


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