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The world’s most influential event for the connectivity industry, the mobile world congress, returned as an in person program. With the presence of global operators, device manufacturers, content owners and technology providers, like Ceiba; the expectations were into looking to solve many of the doubts generated by our current technological scenario; and to launch to the public the latest innovations that are going to break into the future of people in 2022.

We attended from February 28 to March 3, impacting the city of Barcelona, Spain, along with 40 other leading companies from the Colombia’s IT industry. There, as part of the Colombia pavilion, we were able to witness the great scoops of mobile and technology. Additionally, we got to share, with trailblazers companies from around the world, our experience and expertise with the most relevant challenges in mobile development. 

As a review, our marketing and sales Director, Cesar Torres, stated that “our presence at the mobile world congress gives us a clearer perspective of the trends that are emerging and how they are being applied in the world. This way, we can make better decisions about where we can guide the adoption of capabilities within the company and keep up with the demands of the market.”

Procolombia’s and the ITC Minister’s support were quite relevant for the arrangement of the mobile world congress and the great exposure we had in the European country, reaffirming that Colombia is a country where high quality software is developed and that continually works for a Connected World. In this regard, Carmen Valderrama, ITC’s Minister in Colombia, shared through her Twitter account:

“We accompanied more than 40 Colombian companies, which are demonstrating the great potential of the country in the mobile industry and the IT sector. As a team, we can promote the economic reactivation and the Digital transformation in Colombia”


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