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Discover how ceibaBOT, the groundbreaking chatbot, has transformed knowledge sharing in #CeibasCommunity. Experience seamless communication and revolutionize how you connect and learn with this powerful chatbot.

We developed our own Ceiba chatbot

In the ever-evolving #CeibasCommunity, we always seek new and improved tools that benefit everyone. 

That’s why we’ve developed our very own chatbot, powered by Azure OpenAI Service and its cutting-edge GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 models. 

This chatbot is designed to provide personalized and precise answers to simple questions and needs, thanks to its continuous learning techniques and adaptability, enhancing its text comprehension and generation capabilities. 

In this post, our Technical Production Coaches from #CeibasCommunity will share their firsthand experience with ceibaBOT and how implementing this new tool has revolutionized our company.

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What was the need for developing ceibaBOT, who conceived the idea, and why?

Initially, we realized it would be great to integrate within CeibaShare’s Google Chats rooms to access help using our extensive technical knowledge base quickly. 

However, we also recognized the security risks of relying on public Artificial Intelligence services like ChatGPT, Bing, and Bard, as they utilize user information for retraining their models. This poses a concern for any company handling sensitive information. 

To solve this, we created a tool to provide a secure information channel for the company and its employees to interact with AI.

With ceibaBOT, we now have our collaborative tool for employees to interact with and receive clear answers. 

Furthermore, we considered the benefits of having custom plug-ins with capabilities such as unit testing, optimization, and error detection assistance, aiming to save time and accelerate our work. 

We are thrilled to have developed this tool and hope it proves useful for many other teams.

The main IDEs we use are

Where was ceibaBOT implemented?

Initially, ceibaBOT was implemented in our internal knowledge initiative called CeibaSHARE, a real-time platform for generating and sharing solutions, questions, and concerns. There, all members of the #CeibasCommunity can join, ask questions, and provide answers. 

We have rooms dedicated to different topics, such as programming languages, trends, agile methodologies, and project management. We even have a Human Resources room to address any inquiries about administration, employment, and well-being within our company. 

ceibaBOT can provide answers regarding internal processes specific to the #CeibasCommunity, which Chat-GPT cannot do.




What are the do’s and don’ts when introducing a chatbot like ceibaBOT?

Throughout our journey, we have gathered valuable insights on introducing a topic like ceibaBOT. 

We successfully developed a well-articulated strategy with our communications team and department heads. Their pivotal role in spreading the message and fostering the adoption of this intelligent chatbot proved instrumental. 

Moreover, we prioritized educating individuals on the responsible utilization of public tools while emphasizing the superiority of our AI virtual assistant, ceibaBOT. 

By highlighting its benefits and enhanced security, we fostered trust and enthusiasm among users.

Conversely, we avoided the common pitfall of waiting for a 100% complete product before its release. Instead, we prioritized transparent internal and external communication regarding the tools we developed. 

Additionally, we considered the seamless integration of AI technologies such as ceibaBOT into our day-to-day operations.

In summary, ceibaBOT has proven to be an exceptional tool for our company, providing personalized experiences through virtual interactions. We hope our experience is a valuable guide for other teams seeking to implement AI tools in their organizations.

Stay tuned for the second part of this blog, where we will share detailed insights into our journey since ceibaBOT’s launch. 

Additionally, we will provide our conclusions after two months of its implementation within the #CeibasCommunity

PS: This article was fine-tuned and optimized with the assistance of ceibaBOT, our intelligent chatbot that delivers a personalized experience.

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