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The digital transformation is sparking a shortage of software engineers that could cost businesses many trillions of dollars. Traditional hiring cannot respond because so many talented developers are self-taught. Is staff augmentation the solution?

Traditional hiring cannot resolve the software developer shortage

The words ‘digital’ and ‘transformation’ are on everyone’s lips, not least because the worldwide shift to digital has happened faster than anyone expected.

A quick glance at the headlines suggests the biggest challenge posed to companies is the global shortage of software developers, with the U.S. Labor department estimating there will be a gap of around 85.2 million skilled workers by 2030.

That could cost businesses $8.4 trillion in revenue, but it is not the whole story.

Traditional hiring is a huge part of the problem – with some evidence suggesting that 87% of software developers are self-taught, teaching themselves new coding languages, frameworks, and tools without ever achieving a formal qualification.

The digital transformation has therefore made the old resumes, cover letters and traditional job applications redundant, with innovative businesses seeking new ways to secure the talent they need.

Staff augmentation connects companies with proven tech talent

The digital transformation is the reason software developers, tech leads, project managers, DevOps engineers and UX/UI designers are the most frequently requested staff augmentation services at Ceiba.

Our highly skilled and committed staff transition seamlessly into established teams and take pride in their strong work ethic and commitment to the ever-evolving tech industry.

Languages and platforms in which our developers code include .NET (C#), Xamarin, Java, Spring Boot, Kotlin, Android, JavaScript, Angular, Vue, React, React Native, Nodejs and Go, as well as Cloud providers such as Amazon AWS, Google GCP and Microsoft Azure, whilst our tech leads identify and define architectural drivers and solutions and oversee design at the top level, guaranteeing technical standards.

DevOps engineers coordinate development (Dev) and operations (Ops), including continuous testing: creating and implementing continuous integration and delivery, whilst our project managers excel at cross functional team leadership, utilizing agile frameworks to plan, design, execute and monitor the overall process.

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Access highly-skilled workers with demonstrated results

At Ceiba, we understand the challenge of securing top talent and have dedicated ourselves to creating an environment where our employees excel.

It is understood that companies that augment their staff with Ceiba, access the absolute best emerging talent, with cutting edge coding skills and testing practices.

But it is our commitment to ensuring our staff feel comfortable, committed, and excited to come to work each day that really sets us apart. That’s one reason our employees have twice ​​certified us as a great place to work, following a staff survey.

We are proud of our staff and the exceptional technical judgement, teamwork, and peerless decision-making criteria they bring to a workplace that is innovative, purposeful, and grounded in proven tech industry experience.

Work with the very best new and emerging talent

Ceiba’s commitment to innovative coding and testing practices is absolute and we guarantee flexibility, versatility, and adaptability in the face of an industry where new developments happen almost every day.

Our staff are passionate about their skills and abilities, and their capacity for disruptive innovation, which is why we ensure they access all the training they need.

Software developers’ standard skill sets, for example, cover CSD certification, object-oriented programming, clean code, best practices, solid principles, and continuous integration (Gradle, Jenkins, Sonar, coverage and technical debt).

We also facilitate knowledge in unit testing (JUnit, MockMVC) infrastructure testing (JMeter) functional testing (Protractor) clean architecture (hexagonal) front-end architecture (Angular) and web service and database connection (Spring Boot).

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Enjoy scalability, flexibility and direct communication

Ceiba’s flexible, on-demand staff augmentation model means businesses can tackle digital transformation by scaling their teams up or down according to demand.

Flawless communication with augmented staff is essential, and our management works closely with the talented people with which we augment already existing teams.  

Our managers introduce themselves at the beginning of the engagement and are always open and accessible to clients.

Eradicate cultural and time zone inconveniences

Staff augmentation via the nearshore model is the best way to respond to the digital transformation, because it offers countless advantages for companies.

Nearshoring is the process by which businesses go offshore to nearby countries in a bid to improve results. It’s one reason why U.S and Canadian companies now prefer to outsource to emerging talent in Latin America, as opposed to India and China.

One advantage of nearshoring to Ceiba and utilizing our staff augmentation service is our employees’ high level of English, and the fact most are fully bilingual.

Our familiarity with our clients’ working culture also eradicates misunderstandings and the convenience of operating in a similar time zone leads to greater overlap in the working day, making meetings and other communication easier to organize.

Opt for proven agile methodologies

Ceiba believes in agile development philosophies, emphasizing communication, collaboration, adaptation, and trust between everyone who works on a product.

Agile is not a buzzword for us. It’s a specific philosophy with specific principles that are deeply ingrained in our culture.

We work with collaborative, cross-functional, interwoven teams, and are dedicated to continuous and visible improvement and feedback.

Teams self-organize around digestible deliverables, constantly evaluating results and requirements and solving any issues as soon as they arise. 

Our focus is on delivering a viable, functional product that can continue to improve.

Find out more about Ceiba’s staff augmentation services today.


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